How long is a mastering session?

A session for a full-length CD usually takes a day. However, studio time may vary according to a number of factors regarding your recordings.


What are the benefits of having an album professionally mastered?

It makes it more commercially ready. It will sound as good as possible when played on any kind of system, from boom-box to a huge PA, as well as on radio, TV, Internet...


What can the engineer fix in the mastering process?

Mastering cannot fix a bad mix but surely will enhance it. Some of the issues that can be improved are Eq imbalances, levels, stereo imaging, noises...


What should I do to my mixes to get them ready for mastering?

Have them recorded and mixed with the peak level hitting -2 to -4dB, this allows the engineer a nice amount of headroom to work with. Do not use any hard compression or limiting on your mix bus for the same above reason. A 16bits or 24bits , 44Khz or 48Khz resolution is fine, 24bits / 96Khz is extra-comfort!